Fornasetti – Gerusalemme di Notte

Fornasetti - Gerusalemme di Notte - (Tapestry)

Fornasetti - Gerusalemme di Notte - (Tapestry)

Piero Fornasetti (1913-1988) is often described as a visionary. A Milan artist, Fornasetti was at the same time a painter, sculptor, designer, craftsman, and an engraver of art books. In his lifetime, he created more than 11,000 objects, decorative schemes, and items of furniture in the course of his unfailingly prolific career, including a large number of unique pieces. Drawings on a powerful mix of Italian cultural tradition and surrealist invention, his ideas were expressed on every conceivable support, from glasses and plates to umbrellas, lamps, furniture, and screens. The result is a very unusual and highly poetic body of work.


“Everybody has tried to understand Fornasetti’s secret, but always in terms of technique, the way he applied his drawings onto furniture or any other kind of surface. My father was a very talented craftsman, so this kind of question never interested him. He always used to reply that “Fornasetti’s secret is the imagination.”
“It is a mixture of imagination, culture and sensibility. Plus an incredible elegance, stemming from this tremendous freedom.”
“Not forgetting the great rigor of the forms, inspired by classicism and ancient objects. My father was particularly attentive to precision, to the positioning of his drawings.”
“Maybe, if we had to define the secret recipe, we would say: poetry, discipline, and freedom.”
“And also, always that touch of irony.”

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