What it is – Erich Fried

What It Is

It is madness
says reason

It is what it is
says love

It is unhappiness
says caution

It is nothing but pain
says fear

It has no future
says insight

It is what it is
says love

It is ridiculous
says pride

It is foolish
says caution

It is impossible
says experience

It is what it is
says love.

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And how is the company doing?

the company at the moment is in school figuring/scheming on how the company should be able to do in the very near future

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Vicente Fernández – Mujeres Divinas


life presently feels as if I trudging though waist deep snow
or walking through water…
its weight influences and slowly transforms me
forces me to figure out how to do things more efficiently

Carlos Baute & Marta Sánchez – Colgando En Tus Manos