J. Robert Oppenheimer, Director of the Manhattan Project. Reflections on Trinity – Now I have become Death


Bhagavad Gita, Second Discourse excerpts

It is a wonder
that anyone sees this,
and a wonder
that anyone else speaks it,
and a wonder
that yet another hears it.
Yet even they have heard it,
No one knows it at all.

your authority is
in action alone,
and never
in its fruits,
motive should never be
in the fruits of action,
nor should you cling
to inaction.

Son of Pritha,
when a person renounces
all desires
in the mind
that one is said
to be content
in the self, by the self
and firm in wisdom.

the person whose mind
is free from anxiety
about sorrows,
and free from greed
for pleasures,
with rage, passion and fear gone
that person is said to be a sage.

The person who has
no longing anywhere
coming across
this and that
pure and impure
who neither loves nor hates
that ones wisdom
stand firm.

When a person
draws in spheres
from the sense objects
in every sphere
like a tortoise
pulls in its limbs
that ones wisdom
stands firm.

These spheres of sense
fall away from the
embodied self
who continues to fast
all except taste;
and then taste, too
falls away from the one
who has seen the highest.

Son of Kunti,
the senses tear apart
and violently seize
the mind-
even for one
who makes great effort,
and who knows
the tremor of reality.

the person who
has practiced yoga.
restraining all these senses,
should sit,
with me as a pinnacle;
the one whose senses
are in control-
that ones wisdom stands firm.

Clinging is born
to someone
who dwells on
the spheres of the senses
desire is born from clinging
and anger is born
from desire.

confusion arises
from anger;
and from confusion
memory strays:
from the fall of memory
comes the loss of insight;
and one is lost
when one’s insight is lost.

one not joined
to passion and hatred,
always moving
in the spheres of the senses
by the senses,
the one thus restrains the self
and governs the self,
attains peace.

in calmness,
there occurs
the withdrawal
of all pain;
from that person
whose thought is placid
insight becomes steady
right away.

there is no insight
for one who has not
practiced yoga;
there is no peace
for the one
who does not concentrate;
and from where does pleasure come
for the one who has no peace.

when the mind
is led by
the roving senses
then it steals
one’s wisdom,
like the wind
steals a ship on the water.

strong armed one
the wisdom
of the person
who has drawn in
the senses
from their objects
in every sphere
that one’s wisdom stands firm.

the restrained one
is watchful
during the night
of all beings;
and in the time
when beings are watchful,
that is the night
of the sage who sees.

as the ocean becomes full,
yet is steady and unmoved
as the waters enter it,
so the one whom
all desires enter
in this way gains peace,
yet this not so for
the one who desires desire.

the person who
cast away all desires,
who moves away from clinging,
who has no idea
of “I”
that one comes to peace.

Son of Pritha,
this is the state of Brahman;
if one has not reached this,
one is confused.
but firm in this,
even at the time of ending,
one reaches Brahman,
the bliss of cessation.