19.1.9 Sistemas de Infomacion

class notes

How to get to the top of the Google Search:

Link Farming
A link farm is a form of spamming the index of a search engine (sometimes called spamdexing

40-60% links to any site is via Google

SEO Search Engine Operations

Matt Cutts- SEO Google God
works for the Search Quality group in Google, specializing in search engine optimization issues. He is well known in the SEO community for enforcing the Google Webmaster Guidelineslink spam. Cutts also advised the public on how to get better website visibility in Google.

One way to guarantee that a website will get to the top of its search, is to carefully select the words that compose the domain name….vooid

SEO White Hat
or spamexing. Other link exchange systems are designed to allow individual websites to selectively exchange links with other relevant websites and are not considered a form of spamdexing. and cracking down on

* Legal techniques & tricks taught by google

SEO Grey Hat

SEM Search engine marketing

robot.txt is the robot that codes and links to your website

If Google feel that you are doing something unethical to their laws, they can block your site and send you to 0% of the list, essentially killing your search ability

60% USA
97% Spain
3% Korea
10% Japan

Adwords – is Google SEM


is an advertisement application run by Google. Website owners can enroll in this program to enable text, image, and more recently, video advertisements on their websites. These advertisements are administered by Google and generate revenue on either a per-click or per-impression basis. Google is also currently beta-testing a cost-per-action based service.

Pornero – porn viewer

Asbestos is the most expensive word sold by Google. Scenario person has been diagnosed with Mesothelioma, disease of Asbestos, then searches the web for lawyers. How much would a lawyer pay to that PPC.


mapping the world and putting it on the web

EPIC 2015
http://www.unabvirtual.edu.co/epic/ Epic 2015, next generation 2014
1989 WWW created
1994 Amazon
1998 Google
1999 Pyra Labs- Blogger
2002 Friendster
Google News
2004 Gmail
Amazon – A9 http://a9.com/
IPO Google
Keyhole – Google maps
Google books

Android- Google Ops, although it appears to be an OS for a mobile fone it is actually an OS for computers, Google is slowly creaping into the territory of Microsoft.

Microsoft now publicly admits that Google is direct competition.

Google’s Masterplan